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I created this piece of crap on April Fools-09 out of boredom. Nothing else. Every few months or so, I'll decide to update, but that's all you'll really get out of me... Unless, it gets popular. That shouldn't happen though. Here's my contact information. I wrote that stupid people rant forever ago, and recently decided to go less serious with the "Meaningful Content" article. The time that I spent writing it was the most retarded five minutes of my life. Read it anyways.
Also, I have an account on YouTube, and I update that even more than I do this website. I think that I might start posting my videos here, or maybe I'll just not. I can't decide. If you'd like to find me, my username is "wimawa" without the quotes, or you can use the link in my contact information that goes straight to my channel. Do what ever you want, Sally.
Circle Circumference/Area Figure-out-er!

Stupid People (4-1-09)
Meaningful Content (5-20-10)

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